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Kadirnet Welcomes Lee Properties


In response to increasing demand for high performance resident networks in the West Campus area of Austin, Kadirnet and Lee Properties have announced that increased speeds, property-wide wireless coverage and advanced streaming video services will now be available to the residents of the 21 Pearl property.

21 Pearl is located at 911 West 21st Street in Austin with 170 units.

The wired and wireless internet service is part of the standard amenity package and is available with zero end-user hardware for all residents.

Lee Properties decided they needed a technology "facelift" at 21 Pearl and Kadirnet delivered. 21 Pearl's network upgrades include:

  • Gigabit capable switches and access points

  • More than doubling of property network speeds

  • Seamless property-wide WiFi with state of the art Wave 2 technology

  • IPTV - Live Streaming Television for all residents including local channels, free cloud-based DVR and 5 user devices per account.

  • Significantly lower rates for HSD and video.

In addition to the infrastructure upgrades and alleviating the entire property of outdated coaxial cable service, Kadirnet provided its user support portal and 24 hour NOC service for the property and its residents.

"Forward thinking enterprises are laying the foundation for the high-performance networks of tomorrow," said Ed Burk, Director of Operations at Kadirnet. "Students are early adapters of technology and seamless wireless networks with streaming television services that bring connectivity across all end-user devices will soon be the norm. We are proud to bring this emergent technology to Lee Properties and the residents of 21 Pearl."

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