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Austin's Premiere Managed Service Provider

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Live Streaming Television

Watch your favorite shows, news, sports & movies at home or anywhere!

  • Austin Locals

  • National Channels

  • The Longhorn Network

  • Regional & National Sports

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Add on Packages include:

  • Is there a restricted channel lineup when I'm away from home?
    Absolutely not! The big cable guys will give you 16 to 37% of your lineup when you're viewing outside of your home network. With KadirTV you get 100% of your viewing package from anywhere, literally anywhere in the world. This is perfect for expats, or people who travel extensively, college students and snowbirds! With KadirTV you take your service with you on any of your Andriod, iOS, Roku devices or watch from any computer web browser!
  • Are there blackouts for major sports events?
    Nope! Our sports lineup (included with your basic subscription) is amazing! You get regional sports such as the SEC and Big 10 Network, ESPN University & The Longhorn Network! Then there are nationals like the MLB Channel, Fox Sports 1&2 as well as NBC Sports, The Golf Channel, The Olympic Channel and much more! You get them all with zero blackouts or pay per view add-ons that you have to buy to see your content.
  • I'm in the military. Can I take KadirTV with me overseas?
    You bet! At KadirTV we understand that staying connected to home is a major concern for our millitary heros. Want to see what's going on in your local news or sports back home? Just open your KadirTV app! You'll get the same service you get at home - anywhere in the world (provided you have access to the internet).
  • Am I limited on the amount of devices I can view KadirTV from?
    Yes. With KadirTV you get 5 devices per account. However, you can watch live TV or recordings from all 5 at the same time. You can also make recordings from any of your devices with our cloud-based DVR (included) and view them across all of of your devices whenever you want and from where ever you are (pretty cool, huh).
  • Why don't you offer HBO?
    Good question. At KadirTV we pride ourselves on bringing you the best content with zero restrictions at prices that Big Cable cannot compete with. HBO however will not work with us on pricing or broadcasting. Our recommendation is to download the HBO Now App. Their current annual package is $15 per month which is a dollar or two less than what we'd have to charge you in order to include it in our line-ups.

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