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The Fastest,

Most Reliable Networks...Guaranteed

Last year (2017) our average server up-time for all of our properties nationwide was 99.876% of the time. While this isn't perfect, we hope it shows a dedication to our craft and the seriousness we commit to our projects and our clients.

  • Seamless, wireless connectivity with state of the art Wave 2 technology.

  • Zero end-user equipment: no modems or routers to rent, control or track.


  • No more rate increases. Fixed-rate internet service for the life of your agreement.


  • Redundant, monitored networks that ensure your services are always on and always functioning at peak performance.


  • Separate networks for your offices, your common areas and your residents or customers. With full customization for every end user all with one agreement. We eliminate separate contracts for internet, video and voice.

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