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Management Services & Consulting

As technology evolves, the need for trusted service providers increases. You need industry experts that work for you and bring technical expertise to your business needs. Why should you have to run your business AND have an advanced degree in Network Management? Welcome to Kadirnet, your consulting and project management solution.

With over a century of experience in IT, video, internet & telecom services we’re ready to assist in any scale project or manage them ourselves. At Kadirnet, we combine our insights on how to transform your projects, processes and strategies to provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

As your managed service provider we can also provide services that shield your company or property from any contractual agreements with any vendor or provider. We manage vendors and subcontractors for you ensuring that you receive the best rates for the best services. We provide this service for new builds as well as existing properties.


We are the primary point of contact for all network services, freeing your staff to concentrate on mission-critical tasks. Our office then keeps your staff, customers or residents up and running with our 24 hour customer service, technical support and dedicated field technicians.

At Kadirnet, we believe firmly in continual improvement through constant contact. With daily check-ins, regular status-report meetings, and 24 hour monitoring.

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