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"I can't tell you how refreshing it is to get a call from a service provider to tell me that a problem had occurred, was fixed and then reported to me before I heard about it from a single resident."

-Jessica Dearden

American Campus Communities

What's Kadirnet?

We transform properties

"You have another choice to deliver your network services to your properties and your organization, that choice is to partner with Kadirnet - your one-stop-shop for all of your network needs"

Headquartered in Austin, Texas we serve MDU property owners and management companies, student housing, mixed-use commercial properties, university campuses, city-wide Wi-Fi projects, hospitals, HOA's and can even provide mobile/temporary wifi services for outdoor or indoor venues at any locale.


We are a full-service consulting and network operations center that provides project management, network design and installation, network services, network monitoring and robust customer service for you, your staff, your clients, your residents and your customers.

Kadirnet empowers companies.  Imagine your organization, providing state-of-the-art services which are tailored to your vision. Ever dreamed of eliminating out-of-date technology like set-top boxes, coaxial cable, routers or modems at your properties? What about the industry practice of requiring one contract for HSD and one for video? Or one for your property and yet another just for your offices?  Kadirnet eliminates that practice. 


Kadirnet was established to address these issues and many more that our clients face. We are the solutions company that will provide you with High-Speed Data, Video and Telecom on platforms and networks that other companies cannot match. Our services and agreements are made tailored to the individual needs of our clients. And our customer service is beyond comparison.










We encourage you to judge our worth by our service and the revenue we create for your property.  Want to change your services two months in to a five year contract? No problem, and no fees for doing so! If you aren't completely satisfied, you can walk away at any time. 


Please let us know how we can tailor a service just for you while delivering reliable and fixed-rate internet services. We manage both wired and wireless (WIFI) services up to and including management of your entire IT infrastructure and anyone or any business that would like to use it.  We provide for every option from basic "pay to play" internet-on-demand services to full network management services for multiple properties and offices.  

At Kadirnet we do things a little differently, we encourage you to ask our clients and their residents about us - then give us a call!

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